About Us

Samaha Plastic Company


SPC was established in 1999 by Mr. Hesham Samaha and his partner Dr. Mohamed Ashraf Samaha.

They have a wide experience in this field since they formed Samaha Trading Co. at 1987 which was in trading with Plastic Raw Materials.

SPC was able to expand its market share over the years.






  • Background & History of SPC.
  • Introduce SPC Plastic Products. 
  • List SPC Clients.


  • SPC is an Egyptian company established in 1999 for plastic polyethylene packaging and film
  • Our Products are B to B. 
  • Our Competitive Advantage is High Quality Products, Excellent Quality Assurance and Customer Service.



  • Delivering Excellent Quality with Lowest Prices.
  • Creating Packaging Solutions for any product. 
  • Adopting Best practice policies.


  • Having the Largest Market Share in Plastic Packaging Industry in Egypt
  • Increasing the Productivity and Efficiency. 
  • Maintaining Excellent Customer Satisfaction.


Careers at SPC

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